Fix Condutor

Fix Condutor 6.0

FIX Conductor automates the task of onboarding FIX counterparties (See all)
The LaSalle Technology Group, LLC

FIX Conductor automates the task of onboarding FIX counterparties. Client use a web based interface for certifying their FIX implementation by running a series of tests. Multiple clients can test against your QA or test systems simultaneously without the need for someone to monitor or interact with the user.

FIX Conductor provides a web accessible history of all client testing activity and test results for the test administrator. At any time a test administrator can access a testing session and view the communication between the client and the service.

FIX Conductor permits you to define multiple service offerings each with multiple test scenarios. FIX Conductor also manages each client’s connectivity, contact, and provisioning – providing a central automated facility for managing your FIX connectivity.

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